pymmcore-plus aims to extend pymmcore (python bindings for the C++ micro-manager core) with a number of features designed to facilitate working with Micro-manager in pure python/C environments.

While you can easily use pymmcore-plus from a script or IPython/Jupyter you can also use it in combination with the napari based gui napari-micromanager. See the Using with napari-micromanager example for how to use them together.

Basic Usage#

from pymmcore_plus import CMMCorePlus
mmc = CMMCorePlus.instance()
mmc.loadSystemConfiguration() # automatically loads the demo config


# get an image as a numpy array
img = mmc.snap()


To install this library all you need to do is:

pip install pymmcore-plus

But you also need to ensure that the device adapters are present on the system. See Installing for instructions on getting these.